Monday, March 4, 2013

The Sequester Apocalypse is Upon Us

Mother of all horrors---- the sequester apocalypse is upon us and all sorts of havoc is hitting me personally.  I woke up this morning and my car won't start because all the gas had mysteriously disappeared from the gas tank.  My cupboards were bare even though I went to the grocery store on Sunday, and the dog had no food and had to scavenge the neighborhood for food.  Even my bank accounts were drained all because the politicians didn't get the money to spend that wanted even though they stamped their feet and demanded.  The sequester apocalypse has arrived and all sorts of bad things are starting to happen around the country....... oh, wait a minute, my mistake.... thecar does start, my cupboards are fully stocked, the cable TV still works, the dog is fat and happy...... what am I missing?

 Politicians, being politicians, and deriving most of the power from other people's money they've voted to confiscate to fuel their spending addiction, will only cut in ways most painful for their constituents (even though there is at least 10% waste, fraud and abuse at most agencies) so that there will be an outcry from the people to restore the funding.  This trick has been played for years at the local, state and federal levels when spending cuts (or the growth in spending is cut in this case) are implemented.  Don't fall for it.  The government is in dire need of spending cuts and some restraints on its abuse of taxpayers.  This is a good first step.

Bring on the locusts

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