Saturday, June 2, 2012

Having Fun with Nanny Bloomberg

Should any politician anywhere be able to dictate the size of food or drink portions? Where does the Nanny state end? Does the Bloomberg ego have no boundaries? Oh, by the way, have a doughnut to celebrate National Doughnut Day. I bet he gets more political contributions from Dunkin Donuts than Coke or Pepsi. Hummmm...... maybe New York's finest should be eating a few less doughnuts..... there's some food for future thought.

From the WSJ: "Mayor Bloomberg believes that government has a duty to educate its citizens and even to "nudge" them in the right direction. But the real lesson here is that a government that pays most health-care bills will soon be dictating the everyday behavior of its people. An America that needs government to protect its citizens from 20-ounce sodas has bigger problems than obesity."

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