Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Path to Properity, Part II

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan: “We can no longer let politicians in Washington deny the danger to Medicare — the danger is all too real, and the health of our nation’s seniors is far too important. We have to save Medicare to avoid disruptions in benefits for current seniors, and to strengthen the program for future generations. House Republicans have put forward a plan to do just that. Democratic leaders in Congress have failed to produce a plan — it has been 755 days since Senate Democrats even passed a budget. Meanwhile, the President’s plan would empower a panel of 15 unelected bureaucrats to cut Medicare for current seniors, while failing to save the program for future retirees.

“This video lays out the clear choice our nation faces on Medicare: Will Medicare become a program in which a board of bureaucrats manages its bankruptcy by denying care to seniors? Or will leaders work together to save and strengthen Medicare by empowering seniors to choose health care plans that work best for them, with less support for the wealthy and more help for the poor and the sick? House Republicans have advanced solutions to save Medicare. Instead of working with us, the leaders of the Democratic Party have opted to play politics with the health security of America’s seniors.”

The Grouch: The Mediscare tactics on both sides of the aisle need to stop. It's time for some true statesmanship to tackle the government's spending addiction before the country becomes a banana republic with a currency that is worth next to nothing. But it appears we have very few statesmen in Washington a the moment, and just a bunch of knee-jerk politicians looking to save their own skin and reward their donors and cronies. If even Bill Clinton knows we have a problem, then we definitely have a problem.

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  1. I'm all for freedom of choice. I'd like to see people have end of life choices. A great percentage of medical costs come in the last year of life as technology advances keep people alive in a semi vegatative state. Many do not want to go out this way.