Monday, December 21, 2009

Where Have all the Defenders of the Constitution Gone?

As an addendum to my post on the Senate Health Care Bill, I'd like to add my editorial opinion that I find it appalling those elected officials who are sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States are both woefully ignorant of its contents as well as deliberately attempt to undermine and circumvent it to suit their fancy. To be even more plain, I'm referring the current Congress, The President and his Administration, and the Judiciary. and to be even more expansive, this problem covers all the Congresses, Presidents and Judiciaries for at least the past 80 years. The more we talk of the Constitution as a "living document" the closer we come to turning it into a dead document, nothing more than ink on paper, subject to the current whims of the times as government continues to expand well beyond the enumerated powers, and the treasury is raided to dispense political favors and buy votes. We should be talking about the "living law," the set of rules laid down by the founders that specifically spell out the authorized duties of federal government and its various branches and how they should be energetically enforced. Instead, today we have a Congress that continues to encroach with no check or balance into those powers the Constitution vested in the state and the people, an Administration who deliberately seeks to undermine the Constitution and a Judiciary who fails to enforce the laws of the land. Is this an extreme view? Maybe, but one if the founders were to suddenly re-materialize in this time would agree with. The Republic is in deep trouble.

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